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Micro-frontends & Black Friday Sale


When building large UI applications becomes too hard we must learn how to split them.

Microservices in Patterns


Thoughts on two microservice-related projects I've worked on in the past.

Writing Good TypeScript and Compiling it Fast


Let's not forget that TS is its own language with its own learning curve.

Rethinking Design Patterns


Is it time we put common design patterns under question? Do they help or narrow our design vision?

Functional Architecture


High-level design using functional programming patterns has never been an easy task.

Functional Programming


My favourite functional programming resources and why we don't apply it at scale.

Hexagonal Architecture


The benefits of layered architecture to decouple domain from transport logic.

Tao of React Released


I just released my first book - Tao of React! A collection of principles when building React apps.

Build. Overcomplicate. Build.


We start by building, then when we see the software world's real complexity, we start overengineering.

Tao of React Announcement


I have officially started writing my first book. Lodash library structure review.

Building Resilient Front-End Architecture


Lessons learned from 2020 and how to architect front-ends so they don't have to be rewritten eveyr two years.

Architecture is More Art than Science


I'm yet to see a good primer on software architecture - only advice and trade-offs. And that's OK.

Good Tools Solve Problems


When you're wondering if a technology is worth your attention, consider if it's solving a real problem.

The First Version is Always a Prototype


The first approach to solve a problem is rarely the best one. Also, the high-speed culture of product oriented development.

Writing Code ≠ Building Software


There are numerous resources on algorithms and data structures. Few about building non-trivial software.